Auto Gordian Knot

Auto Gordian Knot 2.5

Simple, speedy, easy-to-use, high quality tool for XviD/DivX encoding
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If you want to backup your DVDs or make captures easily and with good quality, and want them to be played in your DVD/MPEG4 player, or on your computer, or on your TV set from your computer through a TV outlet on your graphics card, then Auto Gordian Knot is the best tool. Auto Gordian Knot rips DVDs to hard-drive-friendly DivX and Xvid formats for quick, easy, and high-quality backups. It does so by acting as an automating front-end to several other free ripping and encoding tools, which it automatically installs on your system.

It Can handle XviD and DivX encoding and also supports CBR/VBR MP3, AC3.
The program's clear and clean design, fairly fast speed and responsiveness, simple UI, shutdown option, varied compression choices and queuing make Auto Gordian Knot an all-in-one application. It is a great tool, especially for novices. Using Auto Gordian Knot, users can create videos for their PCs with a few mouse clicks . Auto Gordian Knot properly combines ease of use with an excellent output quality. Interestingly, this tool is absolutely free to download and install.

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  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Relatively fast.
  • Simple and very user friendly UI.
  • Results in very good-quality rips


  • Limited configuration.
  • Works in Windows only. Does not support other operating systems.
  • Application comes only in English
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